The Original FX Airguns Flagship

The FX Royale changed what you could expect from a PCP air rifle when it was first released in 2009. And to this day, it remains for many the perfect air rifle that is unmatched in its precise accuracy, consistency, and performance.
Fredrik Axelsson created the FX Royale over a two year span to perfect the block and valve system with help from Ben Taylor (who is also known as the co-founder of Theoben). The result is pure perfection and a fantastic rifle that is a pleasure to shoot. The Royale has a buttery smooth side lever attached to the breech and is as solid as they come. The rifle is balanced, quiet, and soft shooting with a fantastic two-stage adjustable trigger tuned at just 16oz from the factory.

FX Royale


FX Royale


FX Royale

Black Pepper Laminate

The FX Royale is available in .177, .22 & .25 caliber. For those wanting to shoot .30 caliber, look to the FX Boss, the larger caliber big brother of the FX Royale. The rifle’s accuracy is all due to the brilliant FX Smooth Twist Barrel. The original Smooth Twist barrel houses a smoothbore except for the last two inches of the barrel. The end of the barrel is where the rifling begins and is imparted from the outside inward. The rifling engages the pellet as it travels down the barrel, gaining speed and giving the necessary spin to the pellet right before leaving the barrel.

The FX Royale is as simple as that. Built around specific pellets that will maximize the gun’s accuracy: JSB/FX pellets sized at 8.4gr in .177, 15.89gr in .22, and 25.39gr in .25 caliber. The FX Royale is a dedicated pellet gun, meaning, unlike the more modern FX rifles, you won’t be shooting airgun slugs, hybrid slugs, or other heavier pellets. For many, that’s just what you want in an air rifle, and to this day, the FX Royale stands as a perfect air rifle. Truly airgun royalty.

Royal Specs

Cocking System: Sidelever
Magazine Type: Removable Sideshot Magazine
16 rds - .177 cal
12 rds - .22 cal
11 rds - .25 cal
Stock Synthetic Thumbhole (Right hand only)
Walnut Thumbhole (Ambidextrous)
Adjustable recoil-pad
Black Pepper Laminate Thumbhole (Ambidextrous)
Caliber 4,5 (.177)
5,5 (.22)
6,35 (.25)
Barrel FX Smooth Twist X
Free Floating Barrel
Length (.177, 22 cal): 500mm
Length (.25 cal): 600mm
Shot Capacity .177 Cal: approx 100 shots
.22 Cal: approx. 80 shots
.25 Cal: approx. 60 shots
Note: above figures obtained based using factory recommended velocities for standard pellets in each caliber
Fill Pressure Max 250 bar
Safety Manual
Optics Dovetail
Muzzle Shrouded
Pressure Guages One for airtank pressure
Trigger Adjustable Match Trigger
Energy .177 Cal: up to 18 ft/lbs
.22 Cal: up to 30 ft/lbs
.25 Cal: up to 45 ft/lbs
Air Capacity 480cc
Air Cylinder Carbon Fiber Bottle
Length 40.25"(.177, .22 cal)
44.25" (.25 cal)
Weight 7 lbs - Synthetic
7.5 lbs - Walnut
7.7 lbs Laminate
Charging Foster Quick Disconnect