The Rifle that Redefined what
to expect from a Big Bore Airgun.

Before the FX Impact, there was the FX Boss. A .30 Caliber regulated big bore that redefined what to expect from a big bore air rifle. Many big bore air rifles lob projectiles at such an arc that accuracy suffers. But the FX Boss was designed to shoot .30 Caliber pellets at the perfect harmonic speed of 870 FPS, bucking the wind with its speed and providing sub-MOA accuracy at 100 yards; everything you’ve come to expect from FX Airguns.






Laminate Black Pepper

The FX Boss was conceived and built upon the robust FX Royale breech block, but building in more valving and power is needed to propel the larger .30 caliber pellets. Housed in a traditional sporter stock, the FX Boss is an advanced airgun that you can pass on years from now to your next generation of airgun hunters.
The .30 Caliber pellets expand the size of the game you can humanely take by providing up to 75 ft-lbs of muzzle energy. Combined with the accuracy provided by the world-famous FX Smooth Twist barrel, you can easily hunt up to coyote sized game without problems and at an excellent suppressed sound level as the barrel is shrouded and moderated.
Thanks to the internal air regulator, you can consistently get 45 shots per fill out of the removable 480cc carbon fiber tank. And pulling the trigger on the FX Boss is a dream as it features a perfect two-stage match trigger that will likely be the best trigger you’ve ever pulled. The FX Boss is available in three stock configurations that are all ambidextrous: Soft-touch Synthetic, Walnut, and Black Pepper Laminate.

Boss Specs

Cocking System: Sidelever
Magazine Type: 9 shot magazine
Stock Syntetic
Adjustable recoil-pad
Adjustable recoil-pad
Black Pepper Laminate
Adjustable recoil-pad
Caliber 7,62 (.30)
Barrel FX Smooth Twist – Match grade
Length 600 mm
Shot Capacity Approx. 45 at full power
Fill Pressure Max 250 bar
Safety Manual
Optics Dovetail
Muzzle Shrouded
Pressure Guages One for tank pressure
One fo regulator pressure
Trigger 2-Stage Adjustable Match Trigger
Energy Up to 75 ft/lbs
Air Capacity 480cc
Air Cylinder Carbon-Fiber Bottle
Length 47"
Weight Synthetic - 7 lbs
Walnut - 7.5 lbs
Laminate - 7.7 lbs
Charging Foster Quick Disconnect